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  Archival policy

  Policy on determination of materiality of events

  Corporate Governance Report_31.03.2016

  Regulation 30(5)_Authorisation to KMPs

  Voting Results_AGM 2015

  Attendance slip_2014-15

  Notice of Board Meeting on 9th feb 2016

  Notice of AGM_2015

  Newspaper Notice- AGM 2015

  Familiarization Programme for independent directors

  Annual Report - 2014-15

  FGP_Ballot Form

  FGP_Insider Trading Code_2015

  Board of Directors

  FGP-Independent Director

  Terms and Conditions for appointment of Independent Directors

  Company Profile

  FGP-AGM- Poll Results of Scrutinizer

  FGP- e-voting - Physical Mode - AGM Poll Combined Results from the Wholetime Director of the Company

  FGP-AGM- e-voting & Physical Mode Results of Scrutinizer

  Whistle Blower Policy

  Related Party Transactions Policy

  Code of Conduct